We request a prospective Purchaser(s) who may be interested in obtaining a puppy, or adult Scottish Terrier, from our kennel to first complete our questionnaire below.  We will contact Purchaser(s) after we have received and reviewed the completed questionnaire.
We make every possible effort to place our pups in homes that will love, nurture and provide complete care for the puppy.  To this end, we appreciate your co-operation in completing this form.
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Why are you interested in adopting a Scottish Terrier?
Have you had any experience and/or exposure to this breed?
What is Your Occupation:
What is Your Age:
If you are over 65 years of age, have you made arrangements for the care of your Scottie if you are incapacitated, or in the event of your death?
How did you hear about us?
Internet, Club or Organization, Recommended, Other
What type of Scottish Terrier are you looking for?
For instance: Male, Female, Puppy, Adult Dog, Potential Show Puppy, Pet Only, Colour
What do you know about the breed?
Have you had pets before?  If so, please give some history.
Will the Scottie be living in your home, or outside in a kennel?
Do you currently have other pets?  If so, how many and what kind?
Are there children living in your household?  If so, how many and ages?
If applicable, do your children have a lot of exposure to other animals?
Do other children and/or pets visit regularly?  If so, please give details.
What type of home do you live in?
Single Family Home, Condominium, Apartment.
Do you rent or own your home?  If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog?
Do you have a well-fenced yard, or a secure play area, where a puppy will be safe from injury or loss?
Do you have a swimming pool and/or do you live near water hazards?
What is the best time of day to contact you?
Morning, Afternoon or Evening
What is the best way to contact you?
Phone or E-Mail
If you have a pool, would you be willing to fence the pool area, or add a pool alarm?
Would you be willing to buy your Scottie a life jacket?
Scottish Terriers cannot swim well and will quickly become very tired.  Their legs are too short to support their body weight, therefore, they will drown very easily.  Moving water is more dangerous because it would cause them to tire even quicker.
Do you own a crate?  If so, are you willing to crate your Scottie for SHORT periods of time?
Where will you keep your Scottie during the daytime?
Where will you keep your Scottie during the night?
How much time will your Scottie spend alone?
What do you enjoy doing with your pets?
Do you have adequate time in the evenings and on weekends to spend with your Scottie?
Do you, and/or your family, travel frequently for work or for pleasure?  If so, what arrangements would be made for your Scottie in your, and/or your family's, absence?
Upon making a puppy a part of your household, what part would it play in your life?
What type of training or schooling do you have planned for your puppy?
How much time are you prepared to offer your puppy?
Do you plan on any specific activities with your Scottie?
Are the other members of your household prepared to offer the time that a puppy requires to become a loving member of your family?
Are you aware of the possible health problems in the breed?
Do you have a veterinarian that you feel you can trust the health of your puppy to?
Would you be willing to provide us with pictures of your home, both inside and outside, so we may view the puppy's living, sleeping, and play areas?
Do you have any questions you would like answered?
Do you have any comments you would like to make?
Please provide us with references.
N O T E:   No puppies due at this time.