This beautiful blue/black Scottie is the litter sister to Kenzie arriving here with her sister from Beinnein Kennels in 2007 at four months of age.
Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) also obtained her Canadian championship quickly.
At the moment Ceilidh is a stay-at-home lady and has in the last four years produced three litters of puppies.

After being raised with Scottish Terriers, it was many years before we decided to get another Scottish Terrier. In our search we met Leona Carter, who not only provided us with our wonderful Kerri, but became a dear friend and mentor.
Kerri came to live with us when she was five months old. She was born in September 2000 and was our oldest and certainly pampered and loved pet Scottie.
Kerri was the matriarch of all our Scotties and until almost thirteen years of age, was still healthy, active and dearly loved by her family, and certainly well respected by the other family Scots!

On 14 February 2013 our loving girl and faithful friend succumbed to cancer. Beautiful Kerri crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 12.5 years of age. Kerri, like Skye, was a gentle, faithful companion, kind, loving, happy, always wagging tail, playful and incredibly loyal. Now she is with her best friend Skye. Kerri was never bred; she just enjoyed being aunty to all the pups that our kennel has been blessed with.
Rest well Kerri, and like Skye, by the grace of Jesus, we will meet again in Heaven.
Dearest gentle Kerri. you will never be forgotten.
Like Skye, to live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever.
Ever remembered by David and Heather Lindberg

Skye was our second Scottish Terrier. She joined our family in 2002 as a young puppy of six weeks old.
When deciding to get another Scottie, we made the decision to exhibit our new addition. Thus our breeding and showing of Scottish Terriers began.
Skye was shown for about 1.5 years, but the show ring was not for her.
She retired, had two litters of puppies, and was a very close friend of our first Scottie, Kerri. The two were bosom companions.
Skye was healthy, active, and in charge of Scottie security in our home!

On 19 May 2011 our loving friend succumbed to lymphoma. Dear Skye, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, just two days short of her ninth birthday. Skye was a gentle friend and faithful companion, kind, loving, happy, cheerful, playful. She was a wonderful mother to her puppies. She was also wonderful with the puppies from other litters that were not her own. She loved to mother them all.
Skye will always be remembered with great love and affection.
Rest well Skye, and by the grace of Jesus, we will meet again in Heaven.
A loved one is not gone, until they are forgotten.
And to live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever.
Ever remembered by Tracy-Lynn Chernaske and Family, David and Heather Lindberg
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CAN CH Ceilidh
ADDENDUM  -  28 September 2016
Yet another of our loving Scotties has succumbed to illness.  Sweet Ceilidh, went over the Rainbow Bridge, to join her other Scottie friends Kerri, Skye, Taryn, Crinan and Kenzie.  Like her Scottie clan mates Ceilidh had a very kind spirit and was a loyal companion.  Ceilidh had three litters of puppies and she was a caring mother to all her offspring.
She will always be remembered with great love and affection for her gentle spirit.  Once more, like the Scotties before her, another huge void has been created in our home.
Rest well Ceilidh, and we will meet again in Heaven.
The fact that you're no longer here will always cause us pain.  But you're forever in our hearts until we meet again.
David and Heather Lindberg